Wives and Blue Herons

I recently learned that a Blue Heron was unintentionally scared away by a person firing an Eaglet-1 Model-B pistol from across a pond. Blue Heron

And apparently, a certain person in hearing distance to the demo I was giving for some very special folks did not realize how loud the small pistol is in firing a 209 shotshell primer. 

As this person is my wife, I was the one doing the firing, the pond is next to our house, I was on our highest porch at the time which is about 25 feet above ground level and with the beautiful Blue Heron about 250 feet distant and no doubt fully occupied with fishing, and she (my wife for 52 years) has never ventured without ear muffs when there was test-firing in my soundproof room at ground level. 

And she (my wife) does know that we both enjoy watching the many winged ones that visit in and around our pond as well as the turtles large and small in year-round residence.  And also the alligators which come visiting including the 8-footer that did yesterday and snoozed in the sun on our lawn between the pond and our house. 

Of course, we did not serve him/her lunch or would we at any time.  As there is a posted warning that “A fed gator is a dead gator” and we do not want that to happen.  And absolutely could not with my mini guns.  On  the other hand, I would not hesitate in firing such to ward off an alligator or animal with bared teeth charging at me and/or our Old English Sheepdog named Muggles. 

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