About Us

Charleston Mini Gun Works LLC was formed and is owned by Ron Phillips who is dedicated to producing unique miniature guns of his design.

Ron is a mechanical engineer (B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E.), an attorney (J.D.) and a Registered US Patent Attorney. He taught both mechanical engineering and law and holds patents covering a wide spectrum of inventions. 

Ron  moved to Charleston, SC after taking an early retirement in 1992 after 32 years with General Motors.  As Senior Attorney with the GM Legal Staff, his responsibility focused on Intellectual Property Rights. 

Before and after retiring from GM, Ron designed and produced famous vintage race cars in quarter-scale with his formation of "Jeron Quarter-Scale Classics"  and his partner and friend Jerry Mrlik, a highly regarded GM mechanical engineer and product designer.  And after retiring from GM, Ron also continued in his Intellectual Property Rights law practice representing GM, other car and truck manufacturing companies, and a major movie-making company.

Ron not only designs all the miniature guns sold exclusively here, he is also involved hands-on in their production.  Including introducing a series of unique miniature center-fire mini guns that look and sound like actual firearms (but are not).

In addition, Ron remains an active patent attorney serving a major truck components manufacturer.  And currently he is close to completing a 1927 Model T Ford and 1926 Bugatti influenced 4-wheeler for the  open road.  Called "Invictus", it is powered with an original 450HP Corvette ZR-l engine.  

To see Ron's works, watch this video: