• Does Phillips Mini Guns offer any warranties for their guns?
  • Yes, we include a lifetime warranty all of our custom handcrafted guns. We will fix or replace any that break or fail due to a manufactures defect, for as long as you own your pinfire gun. This does not include intentional abuse, misuse, or accidental breakage of these collectors’ items
  • Can I really fire these guns?
    • Yes, all of our guns are meant to be fired, and produce less than 1 joule of energy, which is less than the average BB gun.
  • Are these considered firearms or weapons?
    • No, according to the US ATFEB, these miniature guns are just considered signaling devices, just like a starter gun, or flare gun. Just as a 2X4 is a piece of wood, it is not considered a weapon unless it is used as such. We DO NOT sell Weapons or Firearms of ANY KIND.
  • Do I need any special license, or permit to own one of these?
    • Because they are not firearms, and the 2mm blanks are not considered ammunition, these have never been considered firearms or weapons. NONE of the items we sell are considered firearms by the US ATFEB
  • How are these shipped?
    • Our FREE shipping is via USPS Priority Mail Shipping for domestic orders. For International orders, please contact us directly for special instructions HERE.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us HERE.